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Title: Chronic Illnesses Blessed Me with 3 Boys - Fertility Journey with Crohn’s and Hypothyroidism
Author: Justin S. Banafek


The author aims to inspire, strengthen and empower women, on top of disseminating tips on conception and outlining the journey of becoming a mother. This is also based on real life events of a true heartwarming love story. In this intimate autobiography of Miss Lizdiany, we closely follow her sentiments as a sufferer of two chronic illnesses who managed to beat the odds. She was diagnosed with Thyroid and Crohn's long before she got married. Although her ailments interfere with fertility, she successfully fell naturally pregnant with three boys in her late 30s. For her, it was an unyielding, emotional battle through the trials and tribulations of her multiple conditions. Miss Lizdiany is a woman with unparalleled courage, will, determination and qualities that helped her power through times of darkness and unimaginable torment. While other children were thriving in the first decade of their life, she spent those years seeing different medical specialists and suffering from the onset of Hypothyroidism. And as though that wasn’t a tragic enough blow, Crohn’s then robbed her adult hood. In her years of adolescent, she suffered emotionally, physically and mentally agonizing till today. These two chronic diseases shadowed her for the rest of her life.

The content holistically touches on the struggles and triumphs from her childhood up till becoming the proud mother of three boys. We hope that through her openness and willingness to be vulnerable, women that might be in similar predicaments can find hope and strength in their personal pursuits. Because of the gentle nature of the feminine, women can be very susceptible to stress especially under the influence of overwhelming hormones when pregnant, therefore it is important to build a strong mental foundation. Not every woman has the same symptoms from one pregnancy to the next. Therefore we hope to impart guidance from our personal experiences to inspire mothers-to-be on what to expect during the course of pregnancy along with tips to fertility.

Hence, this book also illustrates the mind, body and soul of a woman through Miss Lizdiany experiences. Despite the obstacles, she gave birth to three healthy boys each just 11 months apart, born on Aug 22, 2019, July 12, 2020 and June 7, 2021 respectively. It seems that miracles are granted to those who stick to their guns and never give up. We hope that this extraordinary story will act to inspire and encourage others through such dark and rough times.




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